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Kialani Hines

I started my path on bikes at the BMX track, age 8. BMX had me hook straight away, so much so I went to compete throughout the US and Canada for 10 years. Mountain biking came into my life the year I decided I wanted to quit BMX Racing, 2015. Though I had rode bikes my whole life mountain biking was completely new! There was much more to explore and learn. Where BMX seemed to be a never ending cycle of the same thing, Mountain biking showed me that biking can be full of endless opportunity and growth. In 2016 coming off a broken collar bone from my final race in BMX, I decided to jump straight into mountain bike racing, first competing in the US Pro GRT circuit. 

I loved it so much that 2017 I went Pro for the first time in my biking career! Since it has been a journey traveling the world and doing what I love to do with Pivot Cycles. Fun fact Pivot was my first Frame sponsor in mountain biking and I have been with them since 2019. They have supported my success and dreams so far and I look forward to the next few years! 

- Kialani Hines

Kialani Hines

Hometown: Burien, WA 

Disciplines: Pump Track, Dual Slalom, Air Downhill & Downhill

Favorite Trail: I enjoyed the trails on a Heli Bike ride I did in New Zealand at the end of 2021. The ride looped many trails together to name a few… Rude Rock, Beached As and a fun trail back into Queenstown from the McGazza table memorial at the top of the Fern Hill loop.

Favorite Bike:

Mach 5.5 – Still a favorite of mine. As a someone who excels in Slalom, having a bike that can ride/handle all different styles of slalom tracks is important. The Mach 5.5 is light enough to move the bike as if I am racing a BMX track. Though it has enough travel and sturdiness to handle the speed and flat corners that comes with proper slalom racing. Besides racing slalom the Mach 5.5 is such a fun trail bike, especially where I am based now in southern California. It’s a great everyday trail riding sort of bike. You can’t go wrong with a 27.5 trail bike in your life!