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Walking the good Path

When I met Jay Bearhead exactly one year ago, I never anticipated what lay ahead for us today.

My words, “Hey, I think he’s got a lot to share; we should capture it on film,” transformed into a film premiere, where our movie was projected onto a grand 26-foot screen in Munich.

The Film

The film revolves around the theme of passion and its power to keep us on the right path. Jay’s childhood, like that of many indigenous people, was marred by adversity, leading him down a path of drug and alcohol abuse. However, his unwavering passion for biking became his salvation, guiding him towards a brighter future and shaping him into the remarkable person he is today.

We are humbled to announce that our film has been chosen for inclusion in the prestigious lineup of the Bavarian Outdoor Film Festival. The festival, which kicked off last week in Munich, showcased our creation to the public for the very first time. Hundreds of people reclined in beach chairs under the clear, sunny sky, immersing themselves in six captivating movies.

Witnessing our film on such a grand scale was truly a magical experience. The impact was amplified, and the range of emotions from the audience was palpable. As we were summoned onto the stage, a wave of emotion washed over us. Mone, the filmmaker, couldn’t contain his tears. Personally, I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to share my passion and drive with the world. My hope is that it will inspire many to disconnect from their smartphones and computers, and instead venture outside.

In the near future, I will embark on a journey to the Balkan mountains with a friend. This time, our focus will be on exploring the local people and immersing ourselves in their vibrant culture, rather than solely creating another biking film. I am eagerly anticipating the discovery of countless untold stories that lie hidden, waiting to be unveiled.

Our latest creation, “Walking the Good Path,” will continue to grace the screens of the Bavarian Outdoor Film Festival on multiple occasions.

Words by: Gerald Rosenkranz

Images by: Jens Staudt