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Ed Masters

“My name is Ed Masters, I’m a kiwi joker who loves to ride his bike. I’ve been riding and racing for almost 20 years and I’m having as much fun today as when it all started out for me. What started as a dream has become a reality it’s something that I’m really proud of and also really grateful for. Mountain biking has given me so many friendships, experiences and laughs and it’s my goal to continue having fun and inspiring people to get out on two wheels. 

- Ed Masters

Ed Masters

Hometown: Queenstown, New Zealand

Off the Bike Hobbies: Online Poker

Favorite Trail: Coronet Peak DH into Rude Rock into Hot Rod. Queenstown, NZ 

Favorite Bike:

Switchblade – It’s the Swiss army knife of the Pivot range for me. Honestly it’s just so much fun to ride, its slightly shorter travel means it gives it back to ya and I love taking it on terrain that’s probably a bit much for a 142mm because I know it can handle it. It’s a lot of fun to throw around on jumps and it’s the bike that I find myself on the most. It’s my daily driver.